If you love basic, yet timelessly trendy, clothing pieces such as solid color camis, V-neck tees, women's tunics, and fashion pants, KLD gives you all the basics you need for your closet - plus some extra fun and stylish clothing choices. From wide-legged smocked tie pants to animal print dresses and cardigans, KLD introduces classic and modern styles that are sure to give you fantastic outfits you'll always feel great in.


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KLD Satin Blouse-shopbody.comKLD Satin Blouse-shopbody.com
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Plum
KLD Signature
KLD Satin Blouse
Regular price $ 66.00 $ 46.20
KLD Wide Legged Jumpsuit-shopbody.comKLD Wide Legged Jumpsuit-shopbody.com
    KLD Signature
    KLD Wide Legged Jumpsuit
    Regular price $ 82.00
    KLD Satin Cami-Shopbody.comKLD Satin Cami-Shopbody.com
      KLD Signature
      KLD Satin Cami
      Regular price $ 50.00 $ 25.00
      KLD Satin Twist Front Jumpsuit-shopbody.comKLD Satin Twist Front Jumpsuit-shopbody.com
        KLD Signature
        KLD Satin Twist Front Jumpsuit
        Regular price $ 88.00
        KLD Satin Surplus Wrap Dress-shopbody.comKLD Satin Surplus Wrap Dress-shopbody.com-shopbody.com
        • Tan
        KLD Signature
        KLD Satin Surplus Wrap Dress
        Regular price $ 88.00 $ 44.00
        KLD Chambray Pullover Top-Shopbody.comKLD Chambray Pullover Top-Shopbody.com
          KLD Signature
          KLD Chambray Pullover Top
          Regular price $ 58.00
          KLD Satin Cowl Neck Jumpsuit-shopbody.comKLD Satin Cowl Neck Jumpsuit-shopbody.com
          • Blue
          KLD Signature
          KLD Satin Cowl Neck Jumpsuit
          Regular price $ 88.00
          KLD Signature
          KLD Wide Leg Pants
          Regular price $ 60.00
          KLD Embossed Snake Skin Tank-shopbody.comKLD Embossed Snake Skin Tank-shopbody.com
            KLD Signature
            KLD Embossed Snake Skin Tank
            Regular price $ 52.00 $ 36.40
            KLD Printed Shorts-Shopbody.comKLD Printed Shorts-Shopbody.com
              KLD Signature
              KLD Printed Shorts
              Regular price $ 58.00 $ 29.00
              KLD Button Down Embossed Shirt-shopbody.comKLD Button Down Embossed Shirt-shopbody.com
              • White
              KLD Signature
              KLD Button Down Embossed Shirt
              Regular price $ 60.00

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