Dune Jewelry

Unique by design & priceless in sentiment, our designs are modern, clean and simple. They hold a memory, that otherwise may fade as the years pass by.

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Dune Jewelry Wave Ornament-shopbody.com
    Dune Jewelry
    Dune Jewelry Wave Ornament
    Regular price $ 62.00
    Dune Jewelry Delicate Sunburst Anklet-shopbody.com
      Dune Jewelry
      Dune Jewelry Delicate Sunburst Anklet
      Regular price $ 100.00
      Dune Jewelry Cross Necklace-shopbody.comDune Jewelry Cross Necklace-shopbody.com
        Dune Jewelry
        Dune Jewelry Cross Necklace
        Regular price $ 152.00
        Dune Jewelry Bayview Cuff Gradient-shopbody.comDune Jewelry Bayview Cuff Gradient-shopbody.com
          Dune Jewelry
          Dune Jewelry Bayview Cuff Gradient
          Regular price $ 254.00
          Dune Jewelry Third Eye Chakra Ring-shopbody.comDune Jewelry Third Eye Chakra Ring-shopbody.com
            Dune Jewelry
            Dune Jewelry Third Eye Chakra Ring
            Regular price $ 130.00
            Dune Jewelry Third Eye Bracelet-shopbody.com
              Dune Jewelry
              Dune Jewelry Third Eye Bracelet
              Regular price $ 120.00
              Dune Jewelry Teardrop Ripple Necklace-shopbody.comDune Jewelry Teardrop Ripple Necklace-shopbody.com
                Dune Jewelry
                Dune Jewelry Teardrop Ripple Necklace
                Regular price $ 250.00
                Dune Jewelry Marina Bracelet - Turquoise gradient-shopbody.comDune Jewelry Marina Bracelet - Turquoise gradient-shopbody.com
                • Turquoise gradient - Mother Of Pearl
                • Sand Pompano Beach
                • Abalone Shell

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