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L'or de Seraphine Turnowsky Gift Set

$ 40.00

Each candle in the Turnowsky Gift Set features a different fragrance. Aurora features fragrance No. 05, Ares features fragrance No. 33 and Hestia features fragrance No. 18. 

Fragrance No 05

The sun peeks through an open window as an almond tart bakes in the oven.  The sweet smell of orchid fills the air as it drifts in from the garden. Infused with essentials oils, and featuring notes of almond, vanilla, orchid and cashmere woods, No. 5 is both fresh and soothing.

Fragrance No 33

Sink deep into a leather armchair in a dimly lit library, and get lost in the pages before you. Infused with essential oils, and featuring notes of sage, cedarwood, eucalyptus and patchouli, No. 33 is both sophisticated and grounding.

Fragrance No 18

The sun shines down upon a greenhouse full with orange trees in bloom, and the heady scent of bitter orange and neroli fills the air. Infused with essential oils, and featuring notes of bergamot, Seville orange, neroli, ylang-ylang and musk, No. 18 is cheerful and stimulating, brightening any room.

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