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LIVE Germ Free Lavender Hand Sanitizer

$ 28.00

  • LAVENDER SCENT - Updated Skin Loving, Germ Killing formula with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Made By Cal Pharma in California, USA.
  • COMMERCIAL BULK 32 OUNCE BOTTLE used by hospitals, gyms, schools and is also perfect for families. Keep germs at bay with kids and pets by keeping hands germ free.
  • LIVE GERM FREE - Hands, arms, surfaces will not only be germ free, but will smell refreshing with the Lavender hand sanitizer.
  • Keep Healthy & Germ Free : Whether you are on the go, at school, or at work Live Germ Free Hand Sanitizers will keep you healthy and germ free.
  • GREAT AESTHETICS include a friendly Lavender scent, moisturizing aloe vera and skin nourishing Vitamin E to keep your hands feeling nice while keeping them germ free.

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