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Chevalier Wine Aerator

$ 12.00

  • WINE NEEDS TO BREATHE: When you pop the cork on your favorite bottle of wine, you are exposing it to air for the very first time. As this happens the wine's flavors begin to mature and mellow, making the wine smoother and more pleasurable to taste. WITHOUT an Aerator, it takes about 25 minutes for the wine to completely aerate, in which time you have most likely already consumed the glass of wine. The Chevalier Wine Aerator makes the aerating process instant!
  • HOW TO USE: Simply hold the aerator above your wine glass with one hand and pour the wine through the aerator and into the glass with the other hand. You'll hear a loud suction noise and visibly see thousands of air bubbles as the wine pours through, aerating in front of your eyes. When finished, place the Aerator back in the stand provided.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY ACRYLIC: As soon as you see this item in person you will be very happy with the high quality construction of this acrylic Wine Aerator as well as the quality of the Gift Packaging. This is a very well made Wine Aerator that comes with high quality accessories including attractive packaging.
  • GIFT PACKAGING: The Chevalier Wine Aerator is a perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's day, etc. Any wine lover will appreciate this high quality wine aerator as it will make their favorite wine taste even better. The Chevalier Wine Aerator comes in a high quality gift box, as well as a stand, travel case, and strainer for wine's that might have lots of sediment in the bottle.
  • SIMPLE CLEANING: Dip in soapy water and flush, then place on the stand (included) to dry!

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